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Week 3 Discussion Forum (click to read instructions)

data management
After studying the assigned reading for the week, discuss the following:
1. What are the business costs or risks of poor data quality? Support your discussion with at least 3 references.
2. What is data mining? Support your discussion with at least 3 references.
3. What is text mining? Support your discussion with at least 3 references.
Use APA at all times.

Post your first response no later than Friday of the third week. Please note that the first post not completed by the due date will be scored zero. Please refer to the class syllabus for late assignment guidelines. Check posting/discussion requirements.
Read and respond to two (2) of your classmates no later than the last day of week 3. In your response to your classmates, compare your articles with those of your classmates. Below are additional suggestions on how to respond to your classmates' discussions:
· Ask a probing question, supported with additional background information, evidence or research.
· Share insights from reading your peers' posts and summarize the information to provide new insights.
· Provide and support an alternative perspective by reading from the classroom or from their own research.
· Validate an idea with your own experience and additional research.
· Make a suggestion based on additional evidence obtained from the readings or after synthesizing various publications.
· Increase the contributions of your peers by providing additional information or contrasting perspectives based on reading and evidence.

Read and answer two (2) of your classmates: 150 words

Business costs and data quality risks
Classmate 1:
Information technology can now comprehensively help companies collect and store customer data in systems. According to Laranjeiro, Soydemir & Bernardino (2015), organizations regularly store staggering amounts of data and it is often shown that collecting large amounts of information can compromise quality due to poor management. As increasingly complex data is stored in different files and databases, the stores continue to accumulate, causing the quality and reliability of this information to continually decline (Hazen et al. 2014). It has been studied that organizations often store mountains of data on local drives and storage and the definitions of this data along with the formats are often incorrect, leading to inconsistencies.
When data quality degrades in a particular organization, liability increases as the data is often linked to others. Lack of accuracy and quality in one piece of information will affect other data, and companies will discover this in further investigation. Poor data quality can have serious repercussions on the economic and social balance of an organization. An organization exists to provide products or services to customers and a lack of quality data can hamper business operations and lead to lower customer satisfaction. A company will also be unable to maintain a proper statement of expenses incurred and the annual reports will be terribly flawed. In the words of Saha & Srivastava (2014), organizations collect data to make better decisions about the progress of the company, and the lack of adequate information can affect the decision-making process and lead to more failures. Operational costs in a given organization can increase significantly as a large amount of financial input must be provided along with time to improve the quality of data with reliability issues. This, in turn, sabotages the company culture and the company grows slowly.
Data processing
It is a process by which specific patterns present in large amounts of data are extracted to better understand situations. According to Larose & Larose (2014), organizations collect raw data that needs to be processed so that they can gain insights or perspectives on the architecture of the target market. This process involves the use of software, interpretations and analysis of patterns in a data set so that useful information is ultimately provided (Witten et al. 2016) Organizations pay active attention to the data extraction process, as the Data Analysis Helps Identify Needs To better understand customer needs and preferences, companies can formulate strategies that can conquer the market and better build customer loyalty.
Text extraction
It is a method used to analyze and sift through huge stacks of unstructured text to find better concepts, patterns, keywords, and any other possible attributes that the mining process can extract (O'Mara-Eves et al. 2015). Data scientists have outlined the high demands of big data development through the algorithm process, which can better examine the huge portion of unstructured data. According to Nassirtoussi et al. (2014), the central objective of this process is focused on organizations that aim to obtain more mature insights when it comes to extracting knowledge from documents, emails, call center records, social media posts, and even medical records. Organizations have introduced text mining capabilities into AI-powered chatbots and other virtual assistants that provide customer service while collecting information.

Classmate 2:

Risks of poor data quality:
Data is creditable to borrowers at data providers; we understand the system of observations. Oversight design for direct data selection to select credits used to ensure buyer data is appropriate for their organizations. In this way, these symptoms are not selected theoretically or gradually selected by experts. Observation process capability gets the voice of consumers. Also, administrators may encounter properties that cannot display enough data. (Wang & Strong, 1996). The accuracy or performance of the results cannot be corrected as it is not included in the basic rules.
Experts use data that is not constantly cleaned because it takes time and effort to clean and configure the data set for validation. This affects the mixed dignity of the study and can produce spectacular results. If they were scrutinized, they were available for scrutiny, why should there be a respectable point of view, and why not lose respect? (Mubaghba, Foster, Thabane & Cheng, 2017)
Data collected prior to data collection for other prospects must be shared or collected in order to exchange data. The data necessary for remote data or travel is not completely separated, let's see and put a legitimate disk in a professional. The previous cases occur in a framework of persistent and continuous communication from one point of view to another, with constructed analytical information and without sin. While other people may not believe it, we're thankful that stars want others to receive and use their information. (Drew, Wilks, Wilson, & Kennedy, 2016). Now is an ideal opportunity to consider each clinical study of sensory data exchange techniques and clinical studies.
What is data mining?
Data mining is the quality and ability to find the fundamental discovery samples from the data. There is a wide collection of images found in the data. There are clear or complex structures that help to find a significant number. Data mining has been used to separate data with data mining. Three clear information flow patterns are intended to determine your ability to collect events. The diagram shows that the material mines can be used to combine scenes with the sequences into a mutually identifiable program. An effective structure that makes it possible to effectively overcome the received marking data and test the basics. After all, point mining can only be changed to text data according to the mandatory inferences related to wireframe designs. However, packages can be used to give training bits to make them work behind the scenes. (Sri, Guan, Jurad and Manikas, 2017)
What is text mining?
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W3Schools HTML certificate has no value. If you want to go for certification then go for.

Can you trust W3Schools? ›

W3Schools is Trusted by Top Companies

W3Schools has over two decades of experience with teaching coding online. Our certificates are recognized and valued by companies looking to employ skilled developers.

Is W3Schools HTML enough? ›

W3Schools is an excellent reference tool and if you want to quickly look up how to do something or need a reminder. As a learning tools it's useful to some extent but its limited in terms of explanations and theory. It's a great place to practice with code and how to implement something.

Can you get W3Schools certificate for free? ›

W3schools is and will always be a completely free developer resource.

Is learning from W3Schools enough? ›

Obviously, W3Schools is better. I will quickly sum up why I say so : It covers all the required stuff. It is like a standard for learning web development.

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Who is behind W3Schools? ›

Refsnes Data

Is W3Schools a good reference? ›

So,for starters and some easy fast crossreference,it is very good place. But once you get into some more advanced stuff,w3school will be limit with info and you will need to search elsewhere, like stackoverflow or even better,the language documentation itself.

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W3Schools has a consumer rating of 4.21 stars from 42 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with W3Schools most frequently mention web development. W3Schools ranks 1st among HTML sites.

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It should take you one to two weeks to get the full gist of HTML, and about a month of practice to get comfortable with the language. The key is to apply your learning by working on projects.

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In short, you can definitely find work using just HTML and CSS. And if those foundational skills aren't enough to get you your dream job, you can still use them to start making money while you're building other skills.

Is W3Schools accurate? ›

Yes ,without any doubt. If you want a web developer and knowledge is zero then this website is very helpful to you. In this website you can learn all designing,database and static and dyanmic website creation. W3school have its own css and jQuery library that is very short and easy to use.

Is Freecodecamp better than W3Schools? ›

It is difficult to compare them on the basis of content . But if you are a first time programmer then I would recommend freecodecamp.

How much does W3Schools cost? ›

W3Schools is Free

W3Schools is, and will always be, a completely free developers resource.

Are Coursera certificates worth it? ›

Are Coursera Certificates worth it? On the whole, yes. If you're seeking promotion, looking for a career change, or the skills you are learning are highly sought after, then a Coursera Certificate does have value and is definitely worth the investment. Coursera partners and course providers are world class.

Is W3Schools enough for Python? ›

The website W3School for learning Python is a great resource for beginners. It provides concise, step-by-step instructions with plenty of screenshots and examples. The lessons are easy to follow and the exercises are helpful in reinforcing what you have learned.

How popular is W3Schools? ›

W3Schools has over 60 million monthly visits.

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Traffic and Engagement. had more total visits compared to in January 2023.

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  • 6) Google Developers. ...
  • 7) Lynda.

Where is W3Schools headquarters? ›

Where is W3Schools 's headquarters? W3Schools is located in Hommersåk, Rogaland, Norway .

What programming language is W3Schools? ›

Code snippets for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Who is CEO of W3Schools? ›

Thomas Thorsell-Arntsen is the Chief Executive Officer at W3Schools.

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Competitor NameRevenueNumber of Employees

How do I know if a reference is good? ›

Ideally, your list should include a mixture of former and current bosses, coworkers, and subordinates. “The best references are from people who have worked closely with you,” says Fernández-Aráoz. Never ask someone to be a reference if you don't know for certain what he or she is going to say, adds Claman.

Which is better W3Schools or TutorialsPoint? ›

If you are really a fresher, don't know anything about HTML you can start with W3 Schools tutorial. If you have some knowledge about HTML you can go with TutorialsPoint. Thanks. What are the best five features of C++?

Is W3Schools Java certification worth it? ›

W3Schools has over two decades of experience with teaching coding online. Our certificates are recognized and valued by companies looking to employ skilled developers.

Are certificate programs worth anything? ›

A certificate program can be a valuable investment if you are looking to gain in-demand skills and knowledge in a particular field. Depending on your field, earning your certificate can open doors to new job opportunities, promotions with increased salaries, and specializations in areas related to your job.

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Unlike other online learning platforms, Codecademy certificates are recognized and highly regarded by major tech companies. The learning experience on Codecademy has also made the platform popular. You can also switch career paths easily because the courses offer different skill levels.

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Even if you simply know Java and do not have the degree, you can land an entry-level position. If you have a great deal of technical knowledge and experience, you don't necessarily need the college endorsement. Nevertheless, that additional training and knowledge makes you appear more attractive to employers.

Is Java Certification enough to get a job? ›

A Java certification is important as it's often a prerequisite for programming jobs and can give you an advantage over other candidates. Java is a popular programming language that many companies use, so having the certification shows businesses that you have sufficient knowledge and skills to develop apps.

How hard is it to get Java certified? ›

Oracle's Java Certification has a tough passing percentage, close to 65% for both OCAJP (the Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer) and OCPJP (the Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer). You need in-depth knowledge of the Java language and API to succeed in the exam.

Do employers care about certificates? ›

Employers want to know that a potential candidate will be a good fit for the role from the start. Certifications from credible institutions—especially those related to the skills required for a position—combined with experience help prove that a candidate is qualified for the job.

Is a certificate enough to get a job? ›

Earning a certificate can help you get a job in your desired field or advance in your career. You might also earn a certificate to prepare for an associate or bachelor's degree or to supplement your current degree. Some jobs and states require a particular certification to get hired in that field.

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We're here to set the record straight: An online degree holds just as much weight as a traditional degree. In fact, data shows that most employers don't even differentiate between the two types of degrees.

What are the advantages of using W3Schools? ›

Easy Learning

W3Schools has focus on simplicity. W3Schools practice easy learning. W3Schools uses simple code examples and simple illustrations of how to use it. W3Schools' tutorials start from basic level and move all the way up to professional references.

Do employers accept Codecademy? ›

Prospective employers could recognize a certificate from Codecademy as proof of knowledge in a programming language. However, certifications are not accredited. If looking to receive an accredited certificate, users might have more luck with alternatives like Coursera.

Do people get hired after Codecademy? ›

Yes, Codecademy can help you get a job. However, you need to take advantage of Codeacademy's resources and work hard.

Is Codecademy enough for a job? ›

Can Codecademy get you a job? Codecademy's career paths and courses can help you learn how to become a better programmer, but there's no guarantee that you'll easily find a job after completing a course.


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