How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (2023)

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation with Video and Audio | 4 Ways

Presentations usually contain the most important information related to the topic the presenter is discussing. He or she uses these slides as talking points to start an argument or start a discussion. However, without a detailed explanation, the meaning of the differences may not be clear. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to attend the presentations you're asked to give, which can make it difficult to articulate every point you intend to make. Fortunately, recording a PowerPoint presentation is an easy solution to this problem. Doing this allows you to guide your audience through each slideshow from the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will show youhow to record a powerpoint presentation with audio and video.

🔍 glance
🎬No additional tools required📍Built-in PowerPoint recorder
🎬 Using extra tools💻 Windows📍WorkinTool VidClipper [🔥Recommended]
💻Mike📍Copier QuickTime
💻Online📍Flexible clip

Now, let's start our journey.

Before recording a PowerPoint presentation

📌Why do you need to record PowerPoint presentations?

Capturing a PowerPoint presentation can be useful for a number of reasons.

💡 Shared with the audience who cannot watch the live performance.

Recording your presentation allows you to share it with those who are unable to attend the live event for various reasons such as scheduling conflicts, geographic distance, or other reasons.

💡 Provide a reference for your audience.

Capturing your presentation can serve as a reference for your audience to revisit later. This is especially useful for complex or technical presentations that require further explanation.

💡 Create tutorials or online courses.

Recording a presentation is a great way to create a tutorial or online course on a specific topic. You can use the recorded content as the basis for your online content, or edit it with the handy video editor to create a more polished final product.

So how to effectively record PowerPoint presentations with audio and video? Read on for specific solutions.

How to Capture PowerPoint Presentations Using the Built-in Audio Recorder

Screen recording is a free feature available atBriefing 2016/2019, and one of them paysslideshow 365.If you have one of these two versions on your PC, you can use its built-in screen recording tool to capture your PowerPoint presentation.

✅How to record PowerPoint presentations with PowerPoint 2016/2019?

1. Open your PowerPoint slideshow and go to the slideshow where you want to start recording.
2. Findslideshow(in top menu) >record slideshow.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (1)
3. Clickred record buttonThen select the slideshow to start recording.
(You can activate yourwebcam and microphoneinsideset upoption and usedrawing toolbelow to annotate your recording).
4. Clickpause or stop iconTemporarily or momentarily end your recording.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (2)
5. Then clickexit>create video> choose yourvideo quality>create videoSave your recording.

(Video) How to RECORD a PowerPoint Presentation with AUDIO and VIDEO

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (3)

✅How to create a video from a PowerPoint presentation with PowerPoint 365?

1. Follow the first step above.
2. findRecordbutton in the upper right corner.
3. dooptionsIf you like.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (4)
4. Clickred record buttonin a new window.
(Activate your webcam and microphone by touchingCamera and phone iconnext to the record button and use thedrawing tool.)
5. Clickred record buttonto stop recording again andexittab to save it.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (5)

6. Clickexitin a new window.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (6)

✨ Judgment

😎 wow😒 rise
  • No extra screen recorder involved
  • simple recording process
  • Additional drawing tools
  • no additional recording settings
  • No useful recording editing features

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation Using an Extra Screen Recorder

Since the audio recording feature is only available in certain versions of Microsoft PowerPoint (one of which is even a paid service), you can turn to third-party tools. This chapter will introduce three ways to capture PowerPoint presentations.

✅How to record a PowerPoint presentation on Windows?

There are several ways to shoot a PowerPoint presentation on Windows. So which one should you choose? Here, let me introduce a useful tool calledVideoClipper Job Tool.

VideoClipper Job ToolIt was originally designed as a video editor. However, in order to provide users with a powerful digital tool,working toolThe designer upgraded it tomultifunctionalprogram, including aScreen Recorder, Video Converter/Compressor/Splitter/Compressor/Splitter/Adder & Watermark Remover, Audio Converter/Extractor, AI Video/GIF Maker, Text to Audio Makerand more. Despite having so many features, it still prides itself ona simple and clear interface.

When it comes to screen recording, you'd expecthigh quality recordingno (no) webcam and audiowithin a few steps. There are also other tools available to simplify your recordings. Here are more reasons to choose VidClipper.

WorkinTool VidClipper - Record Your PowerPoint Presentations and More
How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (7)

⭐ Customize the recording area⭐ Screen recording / optional audio option
⭐ Multiple recording formats/quality available⭐Additional screenshot settings
⭐ Supported drawing toolbar⭐Auto stop function
⭐Other valuable editing features⭐No watermark

🧐How to record PowerPoint presentations with WorkinTool VidClipper?

step 1.Launch WorkinTool VidClipper and search forscreen recorderin the menu on the right.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (9)

(Video) How to Make a Video in PowerPoint - ppt to video

Step 2.Start recording your PowerPoint presentation.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (10)

  • complete your selectionrecording area, audio, qualityyesFormat.
  • adjust yourset upIf you like.
  • activationcamera(Choose one from the drop down box) if you plan to record yourself.
  • then clickstart(Shortcut key: Alt+F1).
    (recommended recording settings: recording selection and all sounds)

Step 3.beatrestoarresticon onfloating windoworrecording pagePause or end/save your recording.
(hot key:Pause/Resume – Alt+F1,Stop – Alt+F2.)

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (11)

Phase 4.choose yournext stepafter recording

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (12)

*add videois a useful feature that allows you to add PowerPoint presentation recordings to VidClipper video editor. You can then edit it further using this to includeadd text,Add transitions, effects and animations,put a filter,Pixelated,acceleratingoslow down,Color proofreadingThen wait.

🙋‍♀️Appendix for WorkinTool VidClipper

🎯 Tell me more about your screenshot settings.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (13)

  • Auto hide:Select this option toauto hideSettings box after recording starts.
  • mouse cursor:Check this box tocustom colorvarious actions, such asMove track, highlight and click effects(for left and right click).
  • Click sound:Toggle this option to enable or disablesoundaccompanyingper click.
  • Click effect:color” on every click, left and right.

🎯What is the Drawing Toolbar?

The Drawing Toolbar is a feature designed just for youdraw a line or shapeyesput text directlyIn your recordings, save you the trouble of having to annotate or edit your PowerPoint presentation recordings later. To access it you can:

  • clickpen iconin a floating window,
  • examinedrawing tooloption in the recording console, or
  • Use shortcut keys——Alt+F3.

🎯How about the auto stop function?

The autostop feature is designed to automatically end your recording. Record on your PC even when you're away from it.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (14)

  • Recording time:set yourtotal recording timeAutomatically stop recording beforehand
  • Next recording:Customize post-recording actions at the end of a recording, includingDo nothing, exit the program, sleep and shut down your computer.
  • Recording frequency:Choose how often your auto-stop setting activates,onceyesevery time.

🎯WorkinTool VidClipper What else can you record on video streaming sites?

MeetingWebex meetingzoom meetingteam meeting
How to playtwitch transmissionminecraft gameplaychange the game
social mediaTik TokYouTube LiveLive Facebook Video
TV Shows and Tutorialstv threadlivequick paint

✨ Judgment

😎 wow😒 rise
  • friendly interface
  • easy to use
  • Custom recording area/settings
  • Various recording options
  • Additional Drawing Toolbar
  • Auto stop function
  • High quality output without watermark
  • Enjoy low licensing costs for an all-in-one tool
  • Windows OS only
  • Maximum recording time: 2 minutes (free version)

✅How to get recorded PowerPoint presentations on Mac?

If you're a Mac user, the easiest way to get a recording of a PowerPoint presentation is to use its built-in program:Fast play player.

(Video) How to record presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint

Fast play playerAlmost all Apple devices come with it as the default audio and video player. Besides the playback function, QuickTime Player also provides other useful functions, such as video and audio conversion and screen recording. Its screen recording feature makes this a breeze, and with just a few clicks, you can easily capture a screenshot or record the entire or selected computer screen. However, the program has limited customization options and the export format is limited to .mov.

🧐How to make a recorded PowerPoint presentation?

1). Open QuickTime e Player, then go tofile>new screen recording.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (15)
2). A small pop-up window will appear. Do yourselfset up(microphone activation or mouse click to highlight), then clickred record buttonstart recording.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (16)

  • clickanywhererecord on screenfull screen.
  • EuropeDrag to create selected recording areathen hitstart recording.

3). Pressstop buttonFinish recording your PowerPoint presentation.
(Hotkey: Command-Control-Esc)

📣use:After the recording is complete, QuickTime Player will automatically open the recording.

✨ Judgment

😎 wow😒 rise
  • pre-installed program
  • 100% free to use
  • simple recording process
  • No custom recording settings
  • MOV only (record format)

✅How to screen record PowerPoint presentations online?

If you are really bothered about installing and using any desktop software, you can turn to free online screen recording tools. Here, I will introduce you toFlexClip Screen Recorder.

elastic clipIs a well-respected provider of online video solutions, providing users with almost free services. Its goal is to solve the most common video editing challenges. The platform includes a screen recording feature designed to simply capture computer screen and webcam content with (without) audio. FlexClip has the advantage of not adding a watermark to your output, which is better than most free options online.

However, if you don't want to use its paid version, the recording process will take up to 30 minutes and the export quality will be limited to 480p.

🧐How to record PowerPoint presentations with FlexClip Screen Recorder?

1. Open FlexClip Screen Recorder and clickstart recording.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (17)
2. Choose onerecording mode.
(Recommendation: Screen + Webam)

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (18)
3. Confirm yourrecording options.
(recommended: microphone + sound system)

(Video) How to Record PowerPoint Presentations with Audio and Video

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (19)
4. OKcontentShare to FlexClip, then clickshare.
(Recommendation: use Tab for online demos, and Window for desktop demos.)

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (20)
5. Hitstop sharingabout himtarget pageorred stop buttonabout himrecording page.
(You can pause the recording by pressing the small gray pause icon.)

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (21)
6. Clickdownload and editExport your recordings.
(The download will start automatically.)

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation [Video and Audio] (22)

📢PD:Your recording will be moved to the FlexClip online video editor for further editing. If you do not have such a request, please close this window.

✨ Judgment

😎 wow😒 rise
  • usually free
  • Modern and simple interface.
  • Audio Settings / Custom Recording Area
  • easy to use
  • Total network-based operations
  • Internet access is required
  • Maximum recording time: 30 minutes (free version)
  • Export quality: 480p only (free version)

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🎉How to use webcam to record yourself in video of PowerPoint presentation?

you can trustVideoclipper work toolIf you are a Windows user, you can achieve this goal. Here's what you need to do:

  • Open WorkinTool VidClipper and selectscreen recorderin the menu on the right.
  • Check your options:Disc selection, full audio, HD and MP4(respected)
  • activationcameraChoose yours from the drop down box.
  • then clickstartstart recording.
  • To stop recording, press the buttonstop buttonabout himfloating windoworrecording page.

If you are a Mac user, you can useFast play playeroelastic clip(less than 30 minutes). Just follow the steps above to achieve this.

final thoughts

This chapter marks the end of our discussion on how to record PowerPoint presentations without using other screen recording software. Feel free to try all the above solutions according to your needs and choose the ideal one.

If your computer operating system is Windows, take a closer look at WorkinTool VidClipper, because it is easy to use and super versatile.

Now, are you ready to capture your PowerPoint presentation?


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